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History of Uwish Litters




"The First Litter" -  1 Boy - 2 Girls

Sire: "Eddie" Ch Dogwood Hollow Pot Black (IMP USA) - Hips OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal


Dam: "Flirt" Ch Tobenlee Flirt With Me - Hips 6:6, Elbows 1:1


This was a very challenging litter for us as Flirt needed to be taken for a cesarian delivery at midnight after having difficulties delivering the puppies. Good result though with all three living and going to great homes.






"The U'Could Litter" - Whelped the 9th of April 2010 - 1 Boy - Nine Girls

Sire: "Chipper" Am Ch & Aus Supreme Ch Dogwood Hollow Out Of The Park (IMP USA) - Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal


Dam: "Smokey" Ch Tobenlee Twist N TH Truth - Hips 3:3, Elbows 0:0


This was a beautiful litter that produced "Flo" who is titled, "Piper" who will finally hit the ring in 2013 and titled very quickly, including winning Best of Breed at the 2013 Melbourne Royal, and "Kelly" who was over the half way mark when she tore her cruciate ligament and had to be retired from the ring. Kelly is now on tour with her owners and loving life outside the show ring.




"The Hawk AI Litter" - Whelped the 14th of April 2010 - 3 Boys - 3 Girls

Sire: "Hawk" Ch Rocklan Jordean Night Hawk (IMP USA) - Hips 4:4, Elbows 1:1


Dam: "Tequila" Ch Tobenlee All That Magic - Hips 6:5, Elbows 0:0


This was a smaller litter with some seriously cute puppies. We kept a male from the litter "Cena" for showing but he really didn't like it so we found him a brilliant forever home. Hawk was "Spinners" sire.






"The Tru Litter" - Whelped 10th of April 2011 - 6 Boys - 4 Girls

Sire: "Truman" Am & Aus Ch Dogwood Hollow The Buck Stops Here (IMP USA) - Hips OFA Exc - Elbows Normal


Dam: "Smokey" Ch Tobenlee Twist N TH Truth - Hips 3:3, Elbows 0:0



This has been by far our most succesful litter yet. All puppies where so beautifully put together that we struggled to pick our show dogs. Both "Blue" and "Elle" are now showing from this litter and have both titled very easily. We are extremely excited about the future in the ring with Blue as he is simply outstanding. 

Smokey was an outstanding producer for us, and has clearly been our foundation bitch. We were never going to part with Smokey but one of the families taking a puppy had a little boy who has become her best friend in the world, so we let her go and live in Melbourne. She lives the life of a queen and has a friend for life, which she fuly deserves and more.




"The Presidents Litter" - Whelped the 8th of July 2011 - 4 Boys - 3 Girls

  Sire: "Truman"  Am Ch Dogwood Hollow The Buck Stops Here (IMP USA) - Hips OFA Exc, Elbows Normal


Dam: "Tequila" Aust Ch Tobenlee All That Magic Hips 6:5, Elbows 0:0


This litter produced "Franky" who is a beautiful young dog who will certainly feature in our breeding program down the track. All puppies were healthy and outgoing and all went to superb homes.







"The Independence Litter" - Whelped 4th of July 2012 - 5 Boys - 3 Girls

Sire: "Truman" Am & Aus Ch Dogwood Hollow The Buck Stops Here (IMP USA) - Hips OFA Exc - Elbows Normal


Dam: "Ava" Ch Tobenlee Move On Over Boys - Hips 2:2, Elbows 0:0


From this stunning litter we have a young boy "Franky" living in Sydney with his family who will debut in 2013 in the show ring. These puppies are very stylish as we expected with this pedigree, and importantly like both parents have beautiful temperaments.




"The Flinstones Litter" - Whelped 25th of September 2012 - 1 Boy - 1 Girl

Sire: "Rudy" Am/Aus Ch Dogwood Hollow C I Can Dance (IMP USA) - Hips OFA Good, Elbows Normal


Dam: "Flo" Ch Uwish Ucould Go With The Flo


This unfortunately only produced two puppies, and I say unfortunate because the two are so stunning. "Pebbles" and "Bam Bam" are both beautiful examples of the Breed with stunning confirmation and outgoing temperaments. We cannot wait to get "Pebbles" in the ring in 2013, because she was born to show. She is a natural show off and just loves it. Like her name implies, if there is trouble to be found or a game to be had, she will find it.




"The Aviator Litter" - Whelped 21st of December 2012 - 2 Boys - 5 Girls

Sire: "Franky" Uwish U Little Master


Dam: "Piper" Uwish U'Could Be My Valentine


Another stunning litter. Coralie is keeping one to show and the rest have great homes to go to when they are old enough.






"The Pirate Litter" - Whelped 19th May 2013

Sire: "Truman" Am & Aus Ch Dogwood Hollow The Buck Stops Here (IMP USA) - Hips OFA Exc - Elbows Normal


Dam: "Flo" Ch Uwish U'Could Go With The Flo


These two have done it again, producing 7 boys and 3 girls. We will be keeping a girl from the litter all going well with the rest going to their new homes mid July 2013.






"The Magic Litter_- Whelped 1st February 2014


Sire: "Josh" Am Ch & Aus Grand Ch Tonan's Encore Time Out (Imp USA)


Dam: "Izzy" Aus Ch Magicbrit Isabelle

Both have passed Hip/Elbow scores (Isabelle 1:2 Hips, 0:0 Elbows - Josh OFA Excellent) with paperwork available for viewing


This litter produced 4 Girls and two boys and we have kept a Girl "Heather" to run on and show.




"The Lord of The Rings Litter" -  Whelped 8th November 2014


Sire: "Austin" Uwish U Had Stone Colds Move


Dam: "Izzy: Aus Ch Magicbrit Isabelle


This litter has been our best yet, producing 2 beautiful boys, and 4 stunning girls. We have kept a boy "Thor" from the litter and believe he is our best puppy yet and will form an integral part of our show team and breeding team moving forward.




"The Rolling Stones Litter" - Whelped 21st November 2014



Sire: "Franky" Uwish True Blue Aussie Boy


Dam: "Pebbles" Uwish I Was A Punk Rocker


A nice litter with 4 Boys and Two Girls all with very nice markings.It will be interesting watching these guys develop over the coming months.






"Game of Thrones Litter" - Whelped 20 May 2017



Sire: "Thor" Ch Uwish King Under The Mountain


Dam: "Heather" - Uwish Its A Kinda Magic 


A special litter with 4 Girls and Two Boys all with very nice Orange and White markings.




























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