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BIS # 2 for Spinner
BIS # 3 for Spinner
Cuddle time
What a sook
Spinner & Smokey ready for grooming
I am to sexy for this crate
Like my tongue Flirty?
Flirt and Jake - 30-11-2008.The date on the Camera is wrong
Flirt & Vanessa 30-11-2008.The date on the Camera is wrong.




Head Profile of Bill at 7
Head show from front on of Bill
BJ - This is how I stood for my 13 Best In Shows
Judges all say I move well
I can do this all day
Cena at 8 weeks
Kelly at 8 weeks
Doggy Squad
Like my Coat
Spinner Fud - Duck Hunting
Eddie Head Profile
Feed Time Outside
First meal not from Mum
First Time outside
Hayley and Bill Practising
Hayley & Bill
Sleeping Heads Together
Jake - Cena & Kelly
Mr Ed
New Bourne's
Cute Face
So Tired
What food on my face
Cena & Kelly
Sleeping 2 Day Olds
Sleeping 2
Hand Print
I is very tired
Tequila Moving
Tequila on the Move
The Family
Spinner swimming
Cute Puppies Sleeping
Getting weighed is sooooo tiring
What was that
Where's the liver Gone?


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